The Magic of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been buzzing in the news lately, people have been flocking to their local health food store to get some, and it is now known as a "superfood".  So, is coconut oil worth buying, or is it just another diet fad that will soon die out? 

Hold the Bun and More Lettuce, Please!!

It's time to ditch the traditional hotdog and hamburger buns and get your lettuce wrap game on! What better way to eliminate the calories but with these wraps that are healthy, delicious and equally fun to make.

Beat the Summer Bloat with this Healthy Note

With summer quickly approaching, only thing is for sure, lots of fun in the sun and tons of eating. My favorite thing about the summer months is being able to host summer gatherings with family and friends and let's face it, what would be a party without food!!

It's so easy to get wrapped up in all the sugary and salty goodness, which often times lead to bloating and we all know that is no fun. Here is the great news; there are many healthy and yummy alternatives to meet all your summer hostessing needs.

A Balanced Salad

 A salad can be one of the healthiest choices you make today, unless of course you drown it in ranch dressing or cheese... or maybe both. There are four necessary ingredients to make a perfect salad that will satisfy most of your daily nutritional needs: greens, grains, proteins, and vegetables or fruits.

Prep for Success

I'm sure that many of you have heard of doing "meal prep" before, but either you don't know why it could be helpful to you, or maybe it seems too daunting to try! I'm going to share with you some insight on how meal prep is practical and can help you stick to healthy eating habits (and a budget!), as well as easy ways to begin incorporating it into your weekly routine!

Don't Fall into the Fish Fry Trap

Many restaurants will have a fish fry special every Friday night because they know most people going out to dinner on a Friday during Lent are looking to indulge in a nice and greasy fish fry. Western New York is one of the most popular regions for fish fries and has become a tradition for many.


Guilt Free Gameday

 Hosting a Super Bowl party is fun- unless you're worried about how you're going to maintain your healthy habits while satisfying a group of hungry sports fans. Check out my list of suggestions for healthy party snacks. I bet your guests won't even notice they're at a healthy Super Bowl party.

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