Larkin Square: Through our partnership with Larkin Square Healthy Options has made it mandatory that each Food Truck have at least one certified Healthy Option to offer at Food Truck Tuesdays.  Click here for a listing of participating Food Trucks and their Healthy Options. 


Buffalo RiverWorks: Buffalo RiverWorks is a proud sponsor of Independent Health Foundation and our Healthy Options program. Through this partnership, we collaborated on our annual Serving Up Success fundraiser in September, and our Healthy Options program to provide healthy menu options to customers while dining out. Buffalo RiverWorks has also teamed up with our parent company, Independent Health, to provide fun, healthy activities for the community. 


By supporting Healthy Options, you're helping to promote the healthy dining choices available 

to those in our community - making it easier for them to make healthy decisions that lead to a healthier life.


If your company or organization is interested in becoming a community partner of the Healthy Options Buffalo program, please call the Independent Health Foundation at (716) 635-4959 or e-mail us here.

Proud Partners of Healthy Options