What's Your 2015 Resolution?

So you want to get fit and stay healthy this year. And this year you mean- for real this time. If you're like a lot of people, you start by making a New Year's resolution to lose weight. This year, I propose we all avoid that tired clich of a resolution and instead, resolve to make 2015 a year of small changes that will lead to long lasting health and wellness. Start by taking a good look at your current habits and create goals to make them healthier. In case you need some ideas, here's what I'll be doing to improve my health in 2015.

"I will read before bed instead of watching TV"- I usually find myself cramming in a show or 2 off my DVR before bed. This leads me to fall asleep on the sofa, wake up at 3am, alert and not wanting to go bed. So I watch another show, then complain the next day that I don't know why I'm so tired. Research shows that good quality sleep keeps our bodies and brains functioning. Adequate sleep also reduces emotional eating and makes it easier to shed extra pounds. So this year, I'll be scheduling time for TV (and social media) farther away from bed time so I can take at least half an hour before I sleep to read and relax without the glow of electronic screens.

"I will pack my lunch for work instead of buying it"- Preparing meals at home is typically healthier and less expensive than buying meals made outside the home. I know this, and yet I find myself choosing to go out on my lunch break most of the time. This year I'll be making an effort to be more conscious of bringing food from home for lunch. I'll be saving money and taking more control over what foods I'm eating throughout the day. If you're curious about packing healthy lunches, or looking for some suggestions, check out Healthy Option's Tips for Eating Healthy at Work at healthyoptionsbuffalo.com/....

"I will eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day"- New Year's resolutions are always trying to deprive us of the things we love. For example- I will avoid processed foods, or I will avoid sweets. This year, I'm going to focus my energy on increasing healthy stuff in the hopes that it will push out some of the less healthy stuff without making me feel like I have to give up my pizza completely. In general, resolutions that add to your life tend to be easier to keep than those that take things away. Hopefully this one will have me reaching for carrots and cucumbers instead of crackers or chips at snack time, and will encourage me to make a dinner of spaghetti squash instead of linguini.

"I will use positive affirmations"- I've seen positive affirmations work for many people, and I often recommend them to folks trying to make healthy changes in their lives. It's time for me to take my own advice. If you're not familiar, a positive affirmation is a short phrase you say (out loud) to yourself everyday to help you reach your goals. It feels very awkward at first, but if you stick to it, you really see results (just like going to the gym). I haven't settled on my 2015 affirmation yet, but I expect it to be something like "I make conscious decisions to be healthy everyday", or "I make my health a priority every day". We'll see.

My 2015 is on track to be healthier than 2014, and I didn't even use the words 'weight loss'. Hopefully you can find some resolutions that will add value to your life and keep you on track to wellness too.

Happy New Year!


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