Stay Healthy on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl 2019 is right around the corner and we want to help you stay healthy and safe with these simple game day stradigies! Also, check out our easy Super Bowl snack recipes to add a healthier choice into your party spread! 

Pre-Game Warm Up!

  • Eat in advance - Sometimes we think that if we hold off eating we can take in all of our calories at the big game, however, this is not the best plan of action! Keep to your regular schedule of balanced meals throughout the day so that you won't go in to the party starving and ready to devour everything.
  • Hydrate - Drink plenty of water between meals to stay hydrated throughout the day. Don't forget to match every alcoholic beverage with a glass of water so that you not only reduce your intake of empty calories but stay safe.

Every coach has a playbook ...Come prepared with your own strategies and equipment to win!

  1. Keep the food in a separate room away from the TV to avoid mindlessly grazing.
  2. Provide small plates, small cups of dip and salsa, and small serving spoons to keep portions under control.    
  3. Bring your own healthy dish to guarantee that you'll have one nutritious choice to put on your plate.


Whether hosting or attending - consider these easy swaps for a healthier game-day spread

  • Swap fattier meat like beef for turkey or chicken. Consider turkey burgers or chicken sausages as an alternative to traditional burgers and brats!
  •  Incorporate veggies as much as possible!
  • Load up your famous chili with peppers, onions, and carrots
  • Pass the nachos and chips for fresh cut veggies when eating dips
  • When using Dairy products like cheeses and yogurts, make sure you opt for low-fat to help keep calories and saturated fat under control.
  • Remember that we always have the option to bake and grill our food instead of frying!
  • Swap cakes and cookies for fresh fruit! Skewer them and grill them up or serve them with dipping sauces like vanilla yogurt.

 Try out some of these easy and healthy Super Bowl snack recipes! 





White Bean Hummus





Slow-Cooker Chicken and Brown Rice Burrito Bowl





Buffalo Chicken Taquitos




Flaxseed Guacamole





Super Bowl Salsa




Cannoli Filled Strawberries


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