H O W    I T    W O R K S !

Thank you for your interest in becoming a spotlight winery/brewery at our Healthy Options cooking classes! We greatly appreciate your continued support.

Please make sure to review the process below, and complete the form with more information so we can appropriately schedule you.



  • Registrations increase when we market what is going to be provided at the class - please let us know as soon as possible what you plan to sample.
  • Upon recieving this completed form we will finalized schedulings and let you know which dates work well for our menus and see if they work with your own schedule.
  • Please share and promote our event on Facebook! We would love to raise awareness about every class and what is being offered both food and drink wise! 


  • You will be notified of the class count (maximum 25 people)
  • Cooking Materials – we have glasses to use at each class however if you have specialty marketing material or your own glassware you would prefer to use feel free to bring that along!
  • If you would like to include a coupon, or promotional items for attendees at the class, please let us know so we can include in the participant packet.


  • Arrive approximately 30  minutes prior to class start.
  • Bring all your ingredients, materials, tools, and promotional items to the class.


  • Please send us any images and photos from the event
  • Give us your feedback!  We would love to hear how this new venture of ours is going and how we can improve it!

We begin promoting classes a month out and open them for registrations online – be sure to check our Facebook page and share the events and promotions we post about the class (see all social media buttons on the top right of this page).  Registrations increase when we market what is being offered at each class.  Feel free to advertise in your restaurant, brewery, winery, etc. as well as on your personal and business social media accounts.  If you would like materials to do so, please let us know.


Proud Partners of Healthy Options