Vanessa Mesler is the chef at Balanced Body Foods!   Here's a little message from her! 

"Hi, my name is Vanessa and I LOVE FOOD. I get it. I want a six-pack, but I also want chicken wings!!!  Let’s face it, we NEED to eat so why not enjoy the food you love while working towards your goals?  With Balanced Body, it IS possible!  As a partner in Balanced Body, I get to live out my passion for cooking as the lead for recipe development, ensuring a wide variety of meal options are available at all times.  I love ALL different cuisines like Asian, American, Mexican & Thai!  

 In 2010, I won my Figure Pro-Card at the NMA Olympus and learned a lot about my relationship with food during the process.  One of my biggest learnings was that a short-term restrictive diet approach was not going to help me see long-term success.  As a wife and mom I want to provide my family with a variety of macro-friendly meals that everyone can enjoy.  Now I get to share these meals with you!  Take a look inside my fridge and you will find a stockpile of Balanced Body meals at ALL times!  TODAY, I am excited to be part of Balanced Body as an ambassador and share my love of food with you.  Next time you see me, be sure to say HI and let me know what kind of recipes you are interested in seeing!

Some of Chef Vanessa's best work: