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I loved being able to cook with my girls!


“Thank u for selecting us to participate in the healthy cooking. The girls and I are having a blast, and it's allowing me to help educate them at the same time. Your programs are amazing, and I'd be honored to participate again!” 

I loved being able to cook with my girls!!!

The Driscoll Family



It was exciting receiving our first meal kit



This is Becky Hedgepeth and the Hedgepeth family with a big THANK YOU!

It was exciting receiving our first meal kit. We were actually outside when the colorful van drove up, so we got to meet the delivery man and look through our bag right away. The recipe card was very attractive and easy to follow.

All the grocery items looked wonderful, fresh and beautiful. I loved the colorful vegetables! The second bag with the cooking utensils felt like Christmas morning opening gifts. I love the color red, and was especially excited about the little red cutting board and knife, which is perfect for my 11 year old daughter, Maria, who likes to help in the kitchen.

Thank you for the meal delivery this week. I was very skeptical about the combination of foods, especially about the sweet potato. I am not a huge fan of sweet potatoes. However, my husband and I were delightfully surprised that it was DELICIOUS! ! ! ! We enjoyed it two days in a row and kept commenting on how good it was. The sweet potato was just wonderful with all the toppings.

Thank you! :)

The Hedgepeth Family


Easy, fresh, kid-friendly meals


Our kids tried foods they may not have been willing to try otherwise, but since they helped prepare them, they were more open to them.

Easy to prepare, creative, fresh meals, kid-friendly!

The Wrobel Family



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