Thai cuisine uses fresh ingredients with exotic spices to add incredible flavor and interest. This cuisine uses a lot of coconut oil and milk, so keep your portions small to control calories. For healthier Thai options, consider:

  • Fresh spring rolls
  • Broth based dishes instead of heavy curries
  • Steamed tofu instead of fried
  • Tom yum goong (hot and sour shrimp soup)
  • Khanom chin namya (rice noodles topped with fish and vegetables)
  • Phat khi mao  (noodles stir-fried with Thai basil)
  • Pad Thai (noodles stir-fried with ground peanuts, bean sprouts, egg, tofu and scallions)
  • Steamed brown rice instead of fried or white rice
  • Khao neow kaew (sweet sticky rice)
  • Fruit ice or fruits like mango and pineapple

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