Some Mexican dishes feature heavy fried beans, fatty fried meat, or lots of cheese, but there are healthy Mexican dishes on the menu if you know what to look for. For healthier Mexican options, consider:

  • Corn tortillas instead of flour
  • Tacos are smaller and portion controlled compared to burritos
  • Skip refried beans and ask for black beans or whole pinto beans instead
  • Toppings like salsa (tomato or tomatillo based), pico de gallo, cilantro, jalapeno peppers instead of sour cream or cheese
  • Chicken or shrimp fajitas (load up on the vegetables and salsa for toppings)
  • Carne asada with corn tortilla (grilled flank steak taco) 
  • Chicken or beef enchiladas with red or Verde sauce or salsa (hold the cheese)
  • Ask for fish or shrimp tacos, even if they're not on the menu they might be available to order

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