Indian cuisine uses a lot of legumes, vegetables, and spices, so there are plenty of healthy options to choose from.  Watch out though, because some dishes may be fried, or are prepared with heavy cream, lots of cheese, or fatty meats. For healthier Indian options, consider:

  • Pakhala (rice with spices) and roasted vegetables, vegetable momo (dumpling)
  • Chicken or beef tikka (roasted in an oven with mild spices) or chicken or beef tandoori
  • Curries with a vegetable or thukpa (noodle soup)
  • Gobhi matar tamatar (cauliflower with peas and tomatoes)
  • Matar pulao (rice pilaf with peas) or steamed rice spiced with garam masala
  • Chapati, roti, or naan (flatbread)
  • Avoid Paneer (fresh cheese) and cream based sauces

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