Greek/Middle Eastern

Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine use mostly olive oil, vegetables, herbs, grains, fish, meats and poultry and are generally a more healthy option; however, it's best to try to avoid any casserole-like dishes and phyllo pastry dishes because they are usually high in saturated fat. For healthier Greek/Middle Eastern options, consider:

  • Tabbouleh (bulgar wheat, vegetables with a lemon vinaigrette)
  • Dolmas (rice mixture wrapped in grape leaves in a vinegar marinade)
  • Tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber appetizer) or hummus (chickpea, garlic, and tahini spread)
  • Paidakia (grilled lamb chops with lemon, oregano, salt and pepper) or other grilled entrĂ©es
  • Chicken gyro
  • Swordfish with spanakorizo (spinach and rice stew cooked in lemon and olive-oil sauce)
  • Fruit or Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts