Eating a healthy breakfast away from home can be tricky because many breakfast menus feature high fat meats like sausage or bacon, 

and very high carbohydrate meals like pancakes or waffles. Make a healthy choice by combining a carb and a lean protein.  

For example, order one pancake and one egg, instead of a stack of pancakes.

   For a healthier breakfast, consider:

  • Fresh fruit 
  • English muffins or whole grain toast, order without butter to cut calories
  • Whole-grain cereals with low fat or fat free milk
  • Waffle with fresh fruit and plain yogurt instead of maple syrup and butter
  • Low-fat or non-fat yogurt
  • Omelettes or scrambled eggs using egg substitute or 2 egg whites
  • Omelettes with vegetables and no cheese, split large portions and take some home
  • Lean ham, Canadian bacon or vegetarian sausage
  • Low-fat cottage cheese 
  • Hot cereals such as oatmeal

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