Where are you located?

  • The Independent Health Foundation in which the Healthy Options Program is a part of is located in Williamsville.  However, our cooking classes operate out of 2 venues: Artisan Kitchens & Baths Culinary Loft and Sun Cuisines.  Artisan is located at 200 Amherst Street, Buffalo NY 14207.  Sun Cuisines is located at 5759 Main Street Williamsville NY 14221.  Please be sure to visit our Venue Page for more information about the venues we work with the details specific to each.

Where can I park?

  • For Sun Cuisines: Please park in the parking lot in the back and enter Sun Cuisines through that entrance.
  • For Artisan Kitchens & Baths Culinary Loft: Please utilize the parking lot in front of the building.  Signs should indicate how to get to the Culinary Loft upstairs – there will also be an Artisan staff member at the desk most times. 

How do the classes work?  Will I be cooking or listening?

  • It really depends on which class you signed up for.  Our public classes at Artisan are geared to be more hands on since there are individual working stations.  We try to make these classes interactive and have both demonstration pieces and hands on portions where you get to work in groups at these stations.  For our demonstration classes at (LOCATION TBD) you are simply watching and learning, and then enjoying the food!  Feel free to take notes, photos, videos, etc.  Our private classes we like to leave up to the individuals planning them whether or not they want hands on, demonstration, or both.  At Sun Cuisines you will be hands on simply with rolling your sushi, anything prepared to be put in the sushi will be up to the chef to demonstrate.

What is the difference between the classes?

  • Our classes at Artisan are hands on and involve a specialty chef from the local area to come and cook a meal that they have developed that is a Healthy Option.  The classes at Sun Cuisines are solely with Chef Kevin and are Sushi-Rolling only.  Our demonstration classes at (LOCATION TBD) are only for watching with Chef _________)

What is the capacity of the classes?

  • Capacity depends on venue: Artisan we usually cap around 25 for public classes (private we have more leeway and can cap as high as 40).  At Sun Cuisines based off of space in the restaurant we cap at 20, the same with the demo classes.

Do I need cooking experience to attend these classes?

  • No you do not!  The main goal of the classes is to teach you and help you learn how healthy eating and cooking can be easy!  We will go over skills and whatever other instructions and tips the chef may have for the recipe you are making.  Please feel free to ask any and all questions you have, the chefs love answering them!

What if I have allergies/restrictions?

  • No worries!  We have had a lot of experience with coordinating our menu to fit any restriction or allergy.  Normally we have the menus for the public classes up when you register and for the sake of simplicity we advise not to sign up for a menu that has multiple restrictions in it for you.  Due to the nature of the class sometimes menu items despite being able to be altered to fit allergy restrictions, they are no longer quite the same and a chef will sometimes opt to make something different such as swapping a pasta dish for rice if someone has a gluten restriction.  We try out best to be accommodating and will check with you prior to the class to let you know our plans; however we want to make it known that sometimes the menu item will need to be swapped or altered in some way resulting in a different product.

Can I bring my own wine/beer to the class?

  • For classes at Artisan you are welcome to bring your own alcohol, cups, cork screws, bottle openers, etc. are available for your use.  If you are attending Sun Cuisines drinks are available for sale at the bar.

What about my kids?  Can they come too?

  • We try to keep the classes for adults and up, if you have a teenager or young adult child they are welcome to sign up as well.  For your children we are offering Kids Classes.  Please visit our Kids Classes page for more information.

I want to surprise my friend – can I purchase cooking classes as a gift?

  • Yes!  We have gift certificates available for purchase.  Simply contact [email protected] for more information and how to purchase.

What should I wear to the cooking class?

  • At Artisan we have aprons available for the night of the class but please wear comfortable foot wear.  We advise for all other classes to bring your own apron if you wish or to wear clothing that is ok to get dirty should that happen while cooking or watching.

Do you host private parties?

  • Yes we do!  Please visit our Private Cooking Classes page for more information or contact [email protected] for details.

Do I have to register prior to the class?  How much is it?

  • Yes we require a registration prior to a class so that we can adequately cap a class at its max.  Our classes vary in price based off of experience level.  If you are an Independent Health member you receive a $5 discount of the registration price 
  • Hands On classes are $45/person
  • Sushi classes are $25/person
  • Demo classes are $25/person

Do you have a waiting list for classes that are full?

  • We do have a waiting list for classes that are full.  We make no guarantee that you will get into the class; however if you are first on the waiting list and someone drops out of a full class you will be offered the space and you must pay the registration fee at that time should you choose to take the spot.  If you decline the offer is then given to the next individual on the list after you.

Do we receive the recipes to take home?

  • Yes, at every class you will be provided the recipes from the night to take home and recreate!  You are also given the nutrition facts as well as other nutrition information about ingredients, swapped items, etc.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for classes.  However if we are provided 24 hours cancellation notice we will issue you a credit towards a future class of your choice (pending spaces available in selected class). 

We cannot issue credits if the class was missed or 24 hours’ notice was not provided.  You are welcome to send someone else in your place if you desire, please simply contact us and let us know ahead of time so we know whom to expect.

We reserve the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment or with a minimum of 24 hours prior notice.  If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions we will do our best to reschedule the class.  If you cannot attend the rescheduled date we will offer you a credit to another class of your choosing.

We reserve the right to alter the menu or change the instructor if necessary.