Hold the Bun and More Lettuce, Please!!

It's time to ditch the traditional hotdog and hamburger buns and get your lettuce wrap game on! What better way to eliminate the calories but with these wraps that are healthy, delicious and equally fun to make. I have found that incorporating lettuce wraps into some of my favorite dinner classics can amp up the flavor and add a tasty twist. With that said, I am all about spicy flavors and being a Buffalonian, there is nothing I love more than a Buffalo style recipe.

Here is an easy, quick recipe for you to try:

Buffalo Style Ground Turkey Lettuce Wraps

1 pound of ground turkey meat

1 head iceberg lettuce, remove leaves to form cups

1 teaspoon of minced garlic

1 cup of celery, sliced thinly

3/4 cup of carrot shavings

1/2 cup Frank's® RedHot® Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce

Blue Cheese crumbles for garnishing


1.  In a large skillet, sauté the onions, carrot shavings and chopped celery over medium heat until soft. Add garlic and cook for about one minute. Add ground turkey, season with a dash of salt and pepper, brown meat and cook until cooked through. Drain any grease if necessary.

2. Return meat to pan and stir in the hot sauce. Reduce heat to low and simmer for a couple of minutes.

3. Prepare lettuce cups. Place spoonful of meat into lettuce cup and top with carrot and celery mixture. Sprinkle with some blue cheese crumbles and/or hot sauce. Wrap up and start eating!

My favorite thing about this dish is that I am exchanging the roll for the lettuce. Making a conscious health choice is important and in the long run will greatly benefit your health. Not to say that you can't ever have carbs again, but eating them in moderation is the step in the right direction.

Happy Eating!!

















Lauren is a proud Fredonia alumna, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in public relations with a minor in leadership studies. Since her senior year of high school, Lauren has been interning with the Independent Health Foundation. Her role within the foundation has allowed her to make an impact in the lives of others and help create healthier communities throughout Western New York. In her spare time, Lauren loves traveling and being around family and friends, and not to mention, whipping up delicious treats in the kitchen. For now, you can catch Lauren on her lifestyle blog, "Perfectly Chic," at lorlowskiperfectlychicdotcom.wordpress.com.


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