Charlie the Butcher


ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT: Charlie the Butcher has a hearty appetite for his career and for life.
For some people, you have to rewrite the rules. For Charlie Roesch, they'd have to rewrite nursery rhymes. You know the one that goes "Rub-a-dub-dub. Three men in a tub?" Well, if you're talking about Roesch - known far and wide as "Charlie the Butcher" - those three men would have to be "the butcher, the sandwich order taker and the public appearance maker." And busy man that he is, he would be all three.

At age 57, Charlie Roesch is still perfecting the life recipe that has transformed him from the keeper of the flame for his family's longtime Western New York meat business into "Charlie the Butcher," a popular restaurateur and media personality. The secret ingredients, he is quick to admit, have been equal parts love and luck.
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