Fending off the Vending Machine

Every day, you're faced with a few small choices that can make a big difference to your health. When you're on the go, grabbing a snack or even a meal from a vending machine is an easy shortcut that we've all taken. But you can do yourself a favor and choose a granola bar or raisins or something else with less fat and calories. You can also make an effort to use the vending machine only on occasion. This little pitfall is just one of many that can impact your health. This website is here to guide you in making better nutrition choices throughout your entire day.

Visit our vending prank page to see the whole series! #IHFVendingPrank.

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Healthy Options

In 2004, the Independent Health Foundation created the Healthy Options Buffalo program to help our community make informed decisions about healthy eating, and as a result, help address the high rates of stroke and heart disease prevalent in Western New York. Through this program, the Foundation works with area restaurants to offer heart-healthy food options that are considered lower in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. To learn more about the Healthy Options program, click here.