Wed May 22nd, 2019    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Tonight we are STIR- ing things up a little with a Mushroom Fried Farro and some lemon bars for dessert.

Bryan Mecozzi of Black Iron Bystro creates for us a culinary experience. Demonstrating a variety of cooking techniques to build an interesting and satisfying one dish meal that you can create at home. Bryan will toast farro before boiling the grains, roast the red peppers, saute mushrooms, blanch broccolini. All these techniques enhance the aroma and flavor of the ingredients. As a garnish he will demonstrate how to pickle an onions and explain why a pungent or robust garnish can set a meal apart from the ordinary. To finish off the evening we will be treated to a sweet and sassy lemon bar. Recipes will be provided as well as ample tasting portions of the main course and dessert.