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Healthy Options Buffalo - WNY's Healthy Dining Resource

If you have diabetes, going out to eat can be challenging.  Fortunately, Healthy Options can help!  We make it easy to stay within your carbohydrate counting goals. 

Healthy options are lower in saturated fat and under 600 calories, but not every healthy option is right for some one controlling their diabetes.  Don't forget to check out the total carbohydrate count so you can see which meals are best for your specific carbohydrate needs.  Before you order, take a moment to note what each meal comes with.  Some meals are listed as healthy options with side salads instead of baked potatoes or fries. Don't forget to order it that way so you can be in control of your meal.  Remember, a serving of carbs is 15 grams.  In addition to knowing the carb counts before you go out, you can always cut your portions and take some of your meal home.  Saying no thank you to bread baskets is another way to help control your carbs during a meal away from home.  And if you want to have dessert, plan ahead!  Use Healthy Options to find a low carbohydrate choice for dinner and share a dessert with a friend to keep your carb count right where you want it.