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Diabetes is a complicated disease.  In fact, diabetes is not just one disease, but a group of conditions that involve problems with insulin, the hormone that delivers sugar from your blood into your cells where they use it for energy.  People with diabetes may be unable to control their blood glucose without the help of medication or therapeutic diets.  The most common forms of diabetes are Type 2 and Type 1.  Another condition is Pre-diabetes, meaning your body is not effectively controlling your blood glucose levels, but your blood glucose is not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes.


Maintaining control of your diabetes is very important.  Chronic high blood glucose levels, also called hyperglycemia, can lead to blindness, amputations, infections, and kidney failure.  People with diabetes are also at much greater risk of developing heart disease, so controlling your cholesterol levels and blood pressure is an essential part of diabetes management.


It is important to remember that diabetes is a lifelong disease, and while there is no cure, making simple changes in your lifestyle can help you control your disease and live a long and healthy life.  Eating healthier meals and getting more exercise can make managing your blood glucose easier.  Speak to your doctor or Certified Diabetes Educator to develop a lifestyle plan that is right for you.