938 Maple Road
Williamsville, 14221

Eastern Pearl


The Eastern Pearl is Western New York's first and finest gourmet Cantonese Restaurant. The Cantonese Province of China, (Guangdong) is located in the southern part of China along the South China Sea. Cantonese cuisine throughout the ages has been renowned for its variety of foods, flavors and preparations. Traditional Cantonese chefs feel the flavors of a dish should always be in harmony and always in balance. In addition, spices are used sparingly so the fresh, delightful qualities of all the ingredients are never overwhelmed. When dinning at the Eastern Pearl you will be treated to a medley of the wonderful flavors that our traditional cuisine has to offer. In addition, you will also enjoy many of our other Chinese favorites, always prepared fresh, using ingredients of the highest quality. We also serve Healthy and Gluten-Free options. Whether you join us for lunch or dinner, we look forward to serving you our very best!
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